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Boom results continue as Sydney bidders push to buy before Christmas

December 8th 2019 5:37AM
Sydney's boom-time auction results continued at the weekend, with another massive weekend of sales in the lead-up to Christmas. The preliminary ...

Massive weekend in Melbourne leads to boom-time results

December 8th 2019 4:41AM
It was a weekend of massive results for Melbourne, with another huge weekend of sales under the hammer. Melbourne's preliminary auction ...

Brisbane's weekend auction clearance rate doubles over this time last year

December 8th 2019 4:07AM
At one auction, the five-bedroom, three-bathroom home on a spacious 700-square-metre block at 49 Riverview Place, Yeronga, sold under the ...

Silent domain up for sale, but Konami abandoned it long ago

December 8th 2019 2:26AM
Reports say Konami is selling the official Silent Hill domain name for $9,800. But this site hasn't been used to promote Silent Hill games for quite some ...

Konami is announcing two new additions to the Silent Hill franchise, will they make a move to get ...

December 8th 2019 1:53AM
While you'd think a studio like Konami would hang onto the domain name for ... Instead the domain is listed for sale by a third party seller for just under ...

The Silent Hill Website Domain Is up for Sale for $10000

December 8th 2019 12:51AM
r/Games: The goal of /r/Games is to provide a place for informative and interesting gaming content and discussions. Submissions should be for the …

Domain sold

December 8th 2019 12:48AM
The sale price was for the domain name only and not any other assets. Nov 05, 2019 · Clarivate will retain the domain name ...
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